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ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015
Steel and stainless steel castings
2 - 5,500 pounds - no-bake sand molds
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We make remarkable steel and stainless steel castings 2 – 5,500 pounds, no-bake sand molds

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Custom Solutions

  • Design and Prototyping – From simple sketch to finished casting.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing – Vertical integration enables us to control the entire process.
  • Consignment and stocking programs – Ready when you need them.
  • Scrap Bank Program – Permit us to buy your scrap, and we will convert it into new castings and pass along the savings to you.
  • Specialized Alloys – Tailored to your operation.
  • Hard-facing and Protective Coatings – To improve performance in the hottest and most abrasive environments.

Alloys for robust results

Heat Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Nickel Base Alloys
White Irons
Ni-Hard Irons
Tool Steels
Low Alloy Steels
Engineered Alloys

We are remarkable

With nearly half a century of experience producing quality castings in heat, corrosion, and wear-resistant alloys, our services cover a wide range of industries and applications. Utilizing no-bake, shell, and ceramic molding processes, our capabilities range from single-precision castings to high-volume runs. Design capabilities include reverse engineering and solidification modeling with CAD and CMM software integrated with a full-service pattern shop.

With our 70,000-square-foot facility on approximately six acres and located near major transport systems, we are equipped to meet and exceed your project’s requirements. As one of North America’s leading manufacturers of alloy steel, heat, and corrosion-resistant castings, we offer a complete line of castings available for your pre-heater, kiln, cooler, and equipment requirements.

We have established and maintained a quality management system for producing alloy steel castings for all industrial environments and fulfill ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

As a seasoned management team with extensive foundry experience and a skilled workforce, we take pride in the quality of our craft, service, and dedication. We consistently exceed customer expectations and requirements.


  • Over one hundred different high alloy stainless steels and superalloys
  • Five induction furnaces on 2 different power supplies
  • Individual casting weights range from 2 pounds to 5,500 pounds
  • Specialized capabilities, like “Teapot” ladles, used to pour metal into molds producing clean defect-free castings, control pouring rates, and maintain accurate temperature control
  • Chemistries are assured using internal spectrographic measurements with computerized charge and final additions calculations to the heat


Phenolic Urethane “No-Bake” Sand Molding

  • Production flexibility, minimal tooling costs, small to large run manufacturing quantities, and high-quality finishes on produced castings

Ceramic Molding

  • Utilizes a special blend of sands which are then subject to a specialized baking process that yields castings with dimensional stability and surface finishes similar to those obtained with the lost wax process


  • Fully staffed in house pattern shop
  • Wood, foam, urethane, and red board patterns



150 Tons/Month


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