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Steel and stainless steel castings
2 - 5,500 pounds - no-bake sand molds
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Damascus Steel

Since its founding in 1906, the Damascus Steel Casting Company has provided customers with high-quality castings for the most challenging wear-resistant applications. Damascus helps customers in various industries by supplying high-performance manganese-grade steel castings. In April 2020, Damascus Steel joined The Lawton Standard Family of Companies and moved to Novi, MI.

Our experience and unique heritage uniquely prepare us to work closely with customers from concept to finished product. Let us show you how we can work with you to engineer solutions to your operation’s most difficult wear and abrasion-resistant problems. Call 1-800-CASTING to see how we can help you.

Read the Damascus Steel Temperform partnership press release.

Why Choose Damascus Steel?

Engineering design capabilities

Damascus is the leading tooling supplier to the domestic seamless tube industry. Our company has a rich history of innovation.

We will work closely with you – engineer to engineer – from concept through the finished product to assure the desired results.

Quality and consistency of product

From the moment an order is received, control of casting quality is the highest priority.

An accurate melt analysis is performed to assure compliance with our customer’s specifications. Our in-house spectrometer checks metal chemistry during melting before the tap. A qualified metallurgist on staff ensures adherence to your specifications.

Shipping/ lead times

Costs are minimized by Damascus’ central location in Novi, MI.

Our order-to-delivery lead times are among the shortest in the industry, and our on-time record is beyond compare.

Value-added service

Damascus also provides turning, drilling, milling, heat treating, hard facing, and other value-added services. We’re proud to be a part of Temperform, LLC and a member of The Lawton Standard family.

Damascus Steel Capabilities

Weight range:

up to 4,000lbs


150 tons/month



Alloys poured

  • Manganese steel
  • Heat resistant stainless steels
  • Nickel based alloys
  • High alloy carbon steels
  • White irons
  • Grey irons

Other services

  • Machining
  • Pattern shop
  • Heat treatment with water quench
  • Hard facing

Industries and Applications

Coal – aggregate – scrap metal – refractory

  • Crushing, screening, and material handling
  • Breaker blocks and plates
  • Chain links and rollers
  • Crusher blocks
  • Grates and grate bars
  • Movable and stationary jaws
  • Mixer blades
  • Pins and pans
  • Spider arms
  • Swing, rotary, and shredder hammers
  • Beater blades
  • Plow bodies
  • Plow tips
  • Scrapers


  • Asphalt mixer arms and wear plates
  • Bucket teeth
  • Crawler pads

Seamless tube and pipe

  • Piercer points
  • High mill plugs
  • Reeler shoes
  • Expander shoes
  • Expander points
  • Guide plugs
  • Sub-holders
  • Reeler plugs
  • Tooling reconditioning
  • Walking beams

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