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Meet Temperform’s Plant Manager Gloria Webber

We’re happy to have Gloria Webber leading the way at Temperform.

Gloria has a long history in the steel industry, starting right after she graduated from Michigan State University in 1982.  She studied business management and marketing, with a minor in accounting.

Now, Gloria has racked up 26 years in the foundry industry.

Gloria’s early career

After graduating, Gloria started working at a steel service center in the Detroit-area. She was an outside salesperson. To get a better grasp on what she was selling, Gloria enrolled at Macomb Community College and studied things like drafting, machine shop, chemistry and metallurgy. She also relied on the help of two women she worked with who mentored her on technical knowledge, as well as how to keep accurate sales call records.

Gloria’s education didn’t end there. She took a job working inside sales for Allsteel, which was part of an open die forging company named “Steel Industries.” While she was at Steel Industries, which is now known as AF Global, Gloria took advanced metallurgy and heat treatment courses through ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Steel Industries even taught a hands-on metallurgy training course, which Gloria attended.

Gloria’s career at Temperform

Gloria joined Temperform in October of 1997. She was hired for a sales and marketing position.

Temperform was a much smaller company back when Gloria started, but since then, it has grown considerably.

In 2000, she was promoted to the Sales Manager role and 19 years later, she was named the Director of Sales at Temperform.

Gloria was named the interim General Manager back in February of 2022 and moved to the Plant Manager position full-time in May of that same year. The General Manager role is now referred to as “Plant Manager.”

Gloria’s first time at the AFS Metalcasting Congress

In April of this year, Gloria made her first-ever trip to the AFS Metalcasting Congress. This year’s event was held at the Baird Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Over 2,700 people attended the annual event, the biggest gathering of foundry industry people from across the country. Gloria had a blast taking part in the Lawton Standard booth which was one of 250 booths at this year’s convention.

Gloria said it was great meeting so many new people and catching up with old connections. She went on to add “I think it’s important to be here and support our own industry. Make sure we’re out there loud and proud.”

You can watch a full interview with Gloria about her first trip to AFS:

Gloria’s life outside of Temperform

When Gloria isn’t spending time at work, she enjoys reading, solving puzzles, gardening, boating and fishing with her husband Jim. They met at Michigan State in 1979 and have been married for nearly 40 years.

Gloria has two sons and she says one of her favorite things to do is spoil her three granddaughters.

Not to be left out, Gloria says her rescue cat Percy rounds out the family.