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As a leading specialty casting manufacturer, our industry-specific capabilities have been developed over almost half a century of serving clients in some of the most demanding industries. Our technical expertise, customer commitment, and value-add vertical integration processes enable us to achieve our customers’ toughest requirements.

Our industry-specialized proficiency enables us to execute with excellence for every customer request as we’ve been serving the cement, aerospace, pump and valve, paper mill, iron ore and mining, heat treating, and forging industries for decades – our honed knowledge includes a deep understanding of the dynamics of your exact business. Where other sources may need to catch up, we are already there, as we have been for decades, serving you with proactive solutions. With our comprehension of the challenges you face, we are able to match our products to your precise needs, industry requirements, and offer customized solutions throughout the process.

“I had always thought of Temperform for stainless steel castings, but the carbon steel bearing housing for our mill was excellent…fully machined and ready for installation.”

Capable of producing stainless steel for high heat applications, white irons for high wear applications, sophisticated superalloys for isothermal forging die castings, and carbon and low alloy steels for less severe applications. We have the alloy for any application and are proud to serve:

For each of these industries, we are able to offer customized solutions, contact us today to discuss your specifications.

When the going gets tough, call Temperform.

Cement Manufacturing Plants

Our product line-up includes:

  • Thimbles
  • Nose rings
  • Air cannons
  • Grate plates
  • Drag chains


A few of our product capabilities include:

  • Isothermal forging dies
  • Composite / Lay-up tooling

Pump & Valve

Examples of our offerings include:

  • Casings
  • Volutes
  • Bodies
  • Impellers
  • Back covers

Paper Mills

We’re proud to manufacture:

  • Discharge grates
  • Alligator castings

Mining & Iron Ore Manufacturing Plants

Our specialties include the following products:

  • Pelletizing grates
  • Blankets
  • Feed chutes
  • Rotary cooler castings
  • Stripper castings

Heat Treating & Forging

Heat Treating

We offer the basics and beyond:

  • Trays
  • Posts
  • Pins


Offering the finest in:

  • Trays
  • Open Die / Closed Die Tooling
  • Curb Castings
  • Furnace Hardware