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Safety is a priority across The Lawton Standard Co. family of foundries. One way we focus on safety is through Toolbox Talks. What are they? A handout created to freshen everyone’s memory and remind them of specific safety precautions. Each Toolbox Talk is updated frequently with new information on topics such as “Distractions in the Workplace” or “Random Safety Reminders.” Learn more about Toolbox Talks here.

Summer is the perfect time to talk about heat-related illnesses. Hot weather can cause heatstroke in workers who do physical labor outdoors, as well as indoors.

As you can imagine, our melt deck and other areas of the foundry get hot! Employees will tell you that oftentimes the machines are also hot. Know the signs and follow the recommendations below to keep yourself and others safe.

Signs of heat-related illness

Every year, there are dozens of preventable worker deaths and thousands of workers become ill from extreme heat or humid conditions.  Please review the warning signs for heat illness (from the CDC) so we can quickly recognize what is happening and keep each other safe.

Be prepared and protect yourself! We encourage ample rest and water breaks.

Check out this Toolbox Talk on hydration.