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Steel and stainless steel castings
2 - 5,500 pounds - no-bake sand molds
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Tempefrom molding process video

How does the mold process work? Check out our process video to learn more about how molds are made at Temperform.

Step 1: Fill the pattern box (or core box) with sand and pack it tight. A core box is a wood or metal box manufactured in a shaped cavity into which sand is packed. A core box is required to make a core.

Step 2: The sand-filled pattern box rotates around the carousel to the rollover.

Step 3: The rollover clamps the pattern box. It flips upside down to remove the sand cake. Now you have a cope or a drag! A cope is the top half of a horizontally parted mold. The drag is the bottom half.

Step 4: The cope or drag is coated with mold wash.

Step 5: The alcohol in the mold wash is ignited and burns off.

Step 6: The cope or drag is assembled to make a mold.

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