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ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015
Steel and stainless steel castings
2 - 5,500 pounds - no-bake sand molds
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From design to installation, we are remarkable. Our leading heat and corrosion-resistant stainless steel casting products have extensive technical knowledge and industry expertise behind them.

Our production capabilities include:

  • Research & Development
  • Job quantities
  • Production quantities with internal specialties in design
  • CAD
  • Solidification software
  • Full-service engineering
  • Integrated pattern shop

We’ve tailored our processes to serve you.

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Our molding processes were developed with your needs in mind. We utilize:

  • Phenolic Urethane “No-Bake” Sand Molding
    This process incorporates production flexibility, minimal tooling costs, small to large run manufacturing quantities, and high-quality finishes on produced castings.
  • Ceramic Molding
    This process utilizes a special blend of sands, subject to a specialized baking process that yields castings with dimensional stability and surface finishes similar to those obtained with the lost wax process.

Always attempting to integrate quality and efficiencies into our solutions, we also have a state-of-the-art thermal sand reclamation system for efficient recovery of sand with minimum environmental impact and waste.

So what can we do for you?


Big project? Tough application? With our technical expertise in casting over one hundred different high alloy stainless steels and superalloys, utilizing five induction furnaces on two different power supplies, we have the capabilities and team to accomplish your toughest requirements.

Our individual casting weights range from 2 pounds to 5,500 pounds. Induction furnaces provide excellent temperature melt control and flexibility in melting, with accurate and repeatable chemistries for all alloys.

Throughout our process, we have specialized capabilities, like “Teapot” ladles, used to pour metal into molds, produce clean, defect-free castings, control pouring rates, and maintain accurate temperature control. Additionally, chemistries are assured using internal spectrographic measurements with computerized charge and final additions calculations to the heat. We’ve put rigor into our processes to yield top results for you.


We’re pleased to be able to offer high integrity of our finished products and finish each casting to our customers’ requirements. Thanks to our exacting standards, process controls throughout the cleaning operations are designed to ensure those customer requirements are met, maintained, and of the utmost quality.

Product assurance

Product quality is a top priority. Our efforts include an ANSI/ASQ/Q9001:2000 and ISO9001:2015 Quality System and are critical to our success. We are dedicated to implementing, maintaining, and managing a quality program that continues to advance and embrace all facets of our operational departments and extends to all customer requirements. The department is also responsible for alloy chemistries using computerized heat charges and internal spectrographic analysis. In addition, we are pleased to have a complete metrology and spectrographic laboratory dedicated to our commitment to customers’ product assurance requirements.

Here are a few of our quality efforts:

  • All Temperform no-bake, ceramic, and shell molds contain gating systems from our CAD and solidification modeling techniques designed to provide clean and sound castings.
  • Our specialized molding techniques and gating and risering developments allow us to satisfy customer quality, reliability, and radiographic requirements.
  • Ensuring materials meet customer specifications and requirements.

Integrity. Ingenuity. Industrious.
Temperform’s equipped to provide you with the robust results your business requires.

Technical support

Our expertise with in-house engineering and metallurgical capabilities provides our customers with technical support in:

  • Proper alloy selection and modification
  • Fabrication to Casting conversions
  • Design modifications for performance and useful life improvements
  • Critical analysis of environmental effects on various alloys
  • Recommend alloys for maximum performance in severe environments

Do you have a special project or a quick turnaround need? Our team is happy to help develop a custom solution for you. Contact us today.

With these capabilities, we are turning up the heat in the industry and forging success.