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Sustainability series: recycled metals

For centuries, foundries have been making new metal objects by melting old ones. As a result, metalcasting facilities recycle more than 14 million tons, or 31.5 million pounds of steel each year. This is enough energy to light the homes of Chicago for one year.

Foundries convert unwanted scrap metal and recycle it into new valuable products. The scraps can include broken and dated appliances, sewer grates, cans, automobiles, and water meters, to name a few. These may seem like pieces you would find in the trash, but these are raw materials to foundries.

Millions of tons of scrap metal are consumed each year making the transformation to create new products. Due to this continued recycling, production costs are significantly cut when scrap and recycled metals are used because it requires less energy.

Casting prices would go up by 20–40% without taking advantage of recycled materials! At all phases of the metalcasting process, recycling creates more continuous sustainability from beginning to end.

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